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On Confetti All Around we hold space for the celebration of our success and the mess after the party's over. We dive into vulnerability to share a moment in our lives we thought we did not have direction or felt utterly defeated and the lessons learned from them to get to where we are now. We center self compassion, creativity and intergenerational healing. 

“It is in the doing that we find our authentic creativity and give it a second chance to show up for us” - Cynthia Perez, Host

Meet the host

Cynthia Perez

Confetti All Around is hosted by Chicana Therapist Cynthia Perez, LCSW who has worked in the field of Los Angeles, CA for 15 years  as a social worker in schools, homes, wilderness camps and hospitals and realized what everyone wants is connection and a good story. Cynthia interviews friends, mentors and cycle breakers.


*This podcast is not therapy and is not a substitution for therapy. 

Therapy saves lives! Find a therapist at 

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Season One Preview

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