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On Confetti All Around we hold space for the celebration of our success and the mess after the party's over. We dive into vulnerability to share a moment in our lives we thought we did not have direction or felt utterly defeated and the lessons learned from them to get to where we are now. We center self compassion, creativity and intergenerational healing. 



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“It is in the doing that we find our authentic creativity and give it a second chance to show up for us” - Cynthia Perez, Host

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Confetti All Around just wrapped season 2!

We are resting and grieving during this active genocide in Gaza and mass greed and violence in the world. We want to continue to share stories and to do so we must pace ourselves. 


We hope to be back for a 3rd season May 2024. In the meantime, we invite you to catch up on these "episodes"/portals to love. Please consider leaving a review on the streaming platform or sharing our podcast with a friend. 

This podcast truly is a dream come true to have found what I enjoy doing so much: holding space for stories and connection. 

Guests include