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My Marianismo Container

a 12 week  collective container for unburdening from Marianismo wounds & expectations


Hi My name is Cynthia and I am a first generation daughter of immigrants from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I am the first in my family to get their master's degree and the only one of my parents 3 children with children. While I am a middle child, I have the unique experience of being not only invisible but a key piece of this struggle puzzle my family needs me to "peace together" at the drop of my mother's hankerchief or my father's group text. What made understanding My Marianismo trickier is that we again are invisible in modern psychology! There aren't many spaces to talk about the Mariansimo Wound and how it impacts sons and daughters. So I started creating the spaces. 

I feel My Marianismo creep into every fabric of my day if I am not mindful. The last 5 years I have been on a journey to first research Marianismo and Epigenetics. I went down the rabbit hole of "how Marianismo is in our nervous system and show us as an archaic protector". Once I learned and unlearned so many things about liberating myself from gender roles and colonialism, I starting embodying what it would look like to denounce Marianismo as my default mode. 

My Marianismo is in my body, in my bones. If I were to write My Marianismo as a recipe it'd read something like:

Marianismo Ingredients of "Heroes"

- endless pounds of self inflicted guilt

- sprinkles of shame around my gender and body

-notes of rage and disconnection from my higher self

- handfuls of giving and sacrificing for others

- a heap of yawns and stretches to shake off the ache of a restless body

- a dash of imposter syndrome and fear of making my own decisions

- a squeeze of "si se puede" and 2 cups of coffee

- 5 cups of onions and my helpless tears 

- never enough time to go inward with my inner child

- the scarcity of my ancestors and their best desires for me now

-shavings of scarcity because " put that shit on everything"

This season I am gathering all the pieces, missing parts and encuentros I have been researching and collecting like Ariel enchanted with the relics of our epigenetics and the story our protectors have told. 

I created a 3hour CEU course for therapists and conferences and for profr they loved it. I have also presented this workshop at conferences and virtual spaces and the only thing I always think is, "we need more time!" We deserve more time to unravel ourselves in soft safe spaces. 

So I created, curated, crafted, if you will, a portal for us to really slow down and digest the duality of Marianismo and how it impacts all parts of our lives. 

This is a  6-12 week virtual container starting Sunday April 7th 9:30am-11:30am for 12 consecutive weeks (ending May 12, 2024). Keep scrolling for more details. 


The Invitation


When we can put language to what our bones know, we can liberate not just ourselves, but our ancestors who show up to protect us from past wounds. 

This is a weekly invitation to bring awareness to your legacy burdens and gifts  through live collective calls, journaling weekly, and experienced guides holding space for whole body healing and mother wound reconciliation. 

This is an invitation to journey within to create intentional space in your week to create an authentic flow with yourself.


This is an invitation to invest in yourself and your highest visions for yourself; free from the expectations of others. 

This is an invitation for you to invite collective love in and receive love from yourself and others in a way you've yearned for. 

This is an invitation not to just "break cycles" but to embody new rituals of authentic living. 

This is an invitation to dive into your roots, trunk and leaves as a future ancestor and activate yourself in real time. 

This is an invitation to detach from Machismo and it's scarcity and judgement. 

This is an invitation to denounce traditional Marianismo and re-claim the fruits of feminine energy. 

This is an invitation to shift your paradigm. 

This is an invitation to unburden yourself.

This is an invitation to unburden your mother. 

This is an invitation to unburden your lineage. 

The Invitation

If you would like support on Marianismo wounds, please contact

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