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Rooted in Reflection

"Rooted in Reflection creates soft spaces for healing, connection, and re-pair."--Cynthia Perez

We are rooted in the belief that "Inner Child Healing IS Intergenerational Healing" in everything we do. 

Researched, Embodied, Curated spaces for softness, safety and intergenerational healing is our mission, "from the roots to the fruits".


We specialize in creative nervous system healing from our inner child to our wise inner ancestor with trauma sensitive care and compassionate conversations.

We center your social & emotional health.

We center Joy and Creativity in everything we do. 

Cynthia Perez, LCSW is a 1st Gen Licensed Therapist with curated offerings that re-imagine community connection & inner resourcing. With a collective of holistic healers and creativity space holders, we have offerings for everyone!

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This is our jam

We have 10 curated conversations and 5 CEU approved courses that we love being in community to talk about. 

We have gathered the science, the literature, and the stories our blocks and our bones know to hold space for intentional healing in soft ways.We specialize in healing from intergenerational trauma by addressing cultural norms like Marianismo and integrating that paradigm shift with our Epigenetics. Bring your inner child into all this love and it is a feeling you can always return to (that's inner resourcing). 


Inner Child Healing IS Intergenerational Healing


Altars & Rituals




Marianismo & Epigenetics


Self Compassion is My Super Power


Healing Shame in the Inner Child

Resourcing for Inner Peace

Intergenerational Trauma-Informed talks

Confetti All Around Podcast

An intimate space for vulnerability, inner child joy, and ancestral energy to co-exist. Confetti All Around is intimate, brave, compassionate and timely. We celebrate and rejoice "from the roots to the fruits"!

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Listen now!

On Confetti All Around we hold space for  the celebration of our success and the mess after the party's over. We dive into vulnerability to share a moment in our lives we thought we did not have direction or felt utterly defeated and the lessons learned from them to get to where we are now. We center self compassion, creativity and intergenerational healing.

Community Love

Community is vital. We're grateful to have the opportunity to connect with so many beautiful people and expand our RIR community.

Sofia Mendoza, CA

“Cynthia provides a safe space to explore our relationship with our inner child with vulnerability and joy. Cynthia is creative and relatable. Her courses always felt like a place I was looking forward to being a part of."
Luscious Palm Leaves

Community & Compassion

Rooted In Reflection is a space to talk about our joyful inner child, connect with our deep roots, it’s a place for community reflection & collective compassion. We have a collective of educators, healers & professionals ready to make your wellness event interesting, restorative, & joyful! 

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