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Cynthia's Story

Writer , Therapist, Podcaster & Creative Empath

Cynthia Perez, is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, storyteller and intuitive healer. Cynthia founded Rooted in Reflection after 15 years as a social worker in the field and in clinics. As a college student, Cynthia worked at summer camps in the wilderness as a youth counselor and directed after-school programs for schools. These roles gave Cynthia the chance to create whimsical events and creative community experiences for underserved families in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Cynthia found herself building community through creative outlets.


As a curious first generation daughter of immigrants from Yucatan, Mexico,  Cynthia has often found herself in rooms where vulnerability and radical growth were encouraged. A proud graduate of Cal State Long Beach with a B.A. in Chicanx/Latinx Studies and a Master's degree in Social Work, she was armed and destined to pursue a career in "radical restoration and social justice advocacy" within mental health. During her time as a healthcare worker,  the COVID- 19 pandemic proved many areas for new expansive approaches to whole body wellness and Cynthia set out on her divine calling to create safe spaces that are hopeful,  brave, and restorative. 


Using a de-colonial lens and a compassion centered approach, Rooted in Reflection is centered around joyful approaches to creating expansive mindsets. Cynthia has curated and facilitated mental health workshops, CEU courses,  and in person speaking engagements that provide space for creativity, community and compassion.


"When you work through a compassionate lens, you love others so much you learn to love yourself." 

-bell hooks

Creative Empath 

inner child hype woman

author of the re-parenting journals
"Love letters to my inner child"
"The ABC's of Protecting My Inner Child's Peace"

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We are
Rooted in Reflection

This is our mission:

Rooted in Reflection is Humanity Centered & Joy Focused!

We are Rooted in Joy.

We are Rooted in Restoration.

We are Rooted in the Collective Good.

Rooted In Reflection (RIR) was created out of the need for tender & relatable mental health services. We are more than a few therapists & some slides, we're a team of professionals with 20+ years of experience & a very clear mission: provide relatable, joyful healing opportunities in all arenas of mental & emotional wellness. 

Team members  want to feel seen and considered when they have to attend a mandatory meeting. Whether you’re looking for a full-day wellness retreat or a lunchtime wellness talk, we have everything ready for an engaging and memorable experience!

We're ready to make your event a "tender place to land" & a safe space to be yourself. 

Rooted in Reflection is a Complex Trauma-Informed Latina owned Mental Health Wellness Agency that is authentically joyful and inclusive. Our mission is to create spaces for expansive discussions and transformative reflections. 


With compassion and community at the center of our workshops, we are proud to share our perspective on healing from societal burn-out using tools we have carried within us from our childhood to our grandma’s childhood. 


Rooted in our passion for curating social justice workshops that honor the neuroscience and ancestral stories, we get hyped to hold space for the delicate dance of data and storytelling with compassion and commitment for our collective joy and rest.

We are ready to share our big picture vision and calling with you!

We are restorative justice centered and believe our burn-out calls for ancestral ways of moving and creating safe community connections.


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Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design

It's in the doing

It's in the doing that we find our creative flow and our capacity for curious joy.


Your comfort matters to us! We have recovered from our own burnout so we don't want to be in community with energy that drags. Everything we do is joy centered and compassion led. Creativity and safety is part of every thing we do. 

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