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The ABC’s of Protecting Your Inner Child’s Peace is a workbook that aims to bring you closer to your authentic voice and remind you of your values. Using an inner child friendly approach as familiar as our ABCs, this framework invites your deepest reflections about how you have been treating yourself and your sweet, loving, forever hopeful, inner child. This book offers quick tips and long lasting solutions centered around healing your inner child from the roots to the fruits! This book highlights intergenerational healing through the healing our our own inner child integration and loving curiousity.


Cynthia Alonzo Perez, LCSW is a 1st Gen Chicana Therapist, host of the podcast “Confetti All Around”, Writer, Creative, Mother, and friend. Cynthia is the founder and curator of Rooted in Reflection.


As a self proclaimed “Inner Child Hype Woman”, Cynthia started Rooted in Reflection to create soft spaces in community for inner child healing through creativity, nervous system repair and our own indigenous inner resources. Rooted in Reflections is a Latina owned agency that hosts creatively brave workshops and conversations to elevate inner peace and collective joy in the community.

"The ABC's of Protecting Your Inner Child's Peace"

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